Our history


The origin of Grain Solutions comes from a family history in 1875. 

At this time, the brand did not exist yet, the Beernaert family worked in the agricultural sector, trading in cereal products and seeds between Belgium and France. Their business was based on the Franco-Belgian border at Halluin in northern France. 

From the beginning of the 20th century until 1945, the Beernaert family diversified its product range by offering livestock feed and in 1968, it moved into river transport and bought land in Saint Léger le Petit and La Charité sur Loire to develop its business there. Two cereal trading and production factories were built and the company "Beernaert frères & fils" was created. Unfortunately, the factories closed down in 1994.

Some time later, Kerr France was born. The name of the company comes from the name of their English partner at the time, John Kerr, and from the partnership between England and France. The company diversified its offer and became an expert in the BtoB dairy sector, offering new products available in cow, goat, sheep and buffalo. 

Kerr France continued to trade in cereal products in parallel, but it wasn't until April 2022 que that the Grain Solutions entity was officially created. From then on, the dairy and cereal activities were separated, making way for two different entities. 

Nowadays, Grain Solutions is present on the international markets, mainly in Europe and trade several types of organic grains : wheat, spelt, barley, soybean, oats, peas…

The company also trade a range of conventional niche products: flaxseed, buckwheat, lentils, bird corn, sorghum…

Moreover, in its desire to support farmers, Grain Solutions markets fertilizers that can be used in organic farming: compost, granules, guano…

The Beernaert family starts trading in cereals and seeds
Trade development at Saint Léger le Petit et La Charité sur Loire
Factories closure
Official creation of Grain Solutions